The Success Story of Bridget Scarr

Posted by Benjamin on September 13, 2017

Bridget Scarr, a writer, and creative producer develops exciting content which cuts across the board from television to digital content, virtual reality, and augmented reality and interactive exhibition. Her work is appreciated by large audiences both intellectually and emotionally. Bridget is a well experienced Executive producer who has worked in advertising, television, and animation for over 15 years. In her career, Bridget has had the responsibility for overseeing the creative development as well as the creative and technical production of teams (from 5 to220 people) across many productions which include animations, factual entertainment, and factual entertainment programming.


Bridget is the current head of the content development, strategy, and partnerships with Colibri Studios where she collaborates with international broadcasters to help people present their projects and develop them. Bridget later switched her career from being a TV producer and decided to start the development of content creation thus the idea of Colibri Studios. Colibri became the place for her as it brought all her innovative new projects under the same media whether Digital Content or traditional television projects, exhibition projects or any other project.


For Bridget to be more active and productive in her work, her typical day begins with meditation to help her get energized and focused. She then haves light breakfast with her family. From 9-12, Bridget works hard at the office, during that time she does her research and writing of the original content. She then goes home relaxes and reads the industry news and haves lunch with her family. From 2 pm her routine becomes more flexible and reads a book, follows on her emails with co-producers and agents and watches TV. In the evening she takes her son for a walk and plays in the park. Later she watches TV, gets a bath and goes to bed.


Some of her experiences and achievements include being a Co-Founder at the live VR where audiences are allowed to live REALITIES through experiential engagement and Partner, and Managing Director at Pollen Creative Media @Pollen Creative Media where she has worked as an employee from January 2008 to present day. To highlight an incredible achievement, Bridget worked with her partners from 2008 to 2015 to build up Pollen Creative Media and from 5 employees and $10 000 they eventually grew this into an association of companies with more than 200 employees. They produce award-winning content for brands and broadcasters, and their various companies work across digital media, advertising, and broadcasting.


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