The RealReal Is the Real Deal

Posted by Benjamin on August 25, 2018

The RealReal started out as an online luxury consignment store. Things went so well for the online store that since the opening of the the website, the company the RealReal has since opened a store front in SoHo.

Since the opening of the RealReal, it has seen big success. Over $173 million dollars has been raised by the company. The RealReal makes it easy for customers who normally would not be able to afford luxury clothing and accessories to be able to afford to wear luxury brands. The RealReal has brought a sense of peace for shoppers while also providing a thrill of finding deals on the website that they would not otherwise be able to find anywhere else.

In 2011, a woman by the name of Julie Wainwright became the founder of the RealReal. Previous to becoming the RealReal founder, Julie Wainwright was known for being the cheif executive. All items are checked to make sure it is 100% authentic. The company has hired experts of luxury items to be able to spot a fake or nonauthentic piece.

Now that the RealReal has a store front, customers are able to shop online as well as in the store. Items are available on both at the same time. A designer for a company called the Row, was the interior designer of the RealReal SoHo store. The store even includes a coffee bar and events that teach customers as well as perspective customers how to point out fake items.

The RealReal has a fun and stylish Instagram page. You can see pictures of items that the company offers as well as people looking cool wearing the items. Their Instagram page has over 137 thousand followers. Over the time they have been online, they have shared 3,244 post with their followers.