The Benefits Of Investing In Wine

Posted by Benjamin on August 2, 2017

Like gold, wine can be an asset to protect one’s wealth. Since it is a tangible product you can rest easy knowing that it is going nowhere but the rack you put it on. However, if you go through UKV PLC you can store your collection at their climate controlled warehouse, which is especially useful if your collection is quite large. Also, your collection is insured for as long as it stays with them.

The experts at UKV PLC can also give you a consultation to decide with certainty which wine will give you the best return on your investment. They recommend that you start your collection in your 20s or 30s since wine needs to be stored for at least 5 years to really increase in value. If you steer clear of cheap labels and unpopular brands, you can expect a 12-15% return on your initial investment. When you go through UKV PLC, they offer you a complimentary valuation of your wine collection at any time you choose.


Volatility is no issue with wine either. There has been, and will always be connoisseurs ready to buy high-quality wine from private collectors. And the best part, since tax officials see aged wine as a decaying product, there is virtually no capital gains tax on it for individuals. However, laws are subject to change so always consult with a tax professional before selling your wine.

UKV PLC offers a wide selection of fine wine, as well as consultation for novices and connoisseurs alike. If you would like to make an investment that gets better with age, you can contact UKV PLC on their official website by submitting a contact form or by calling a representative at 0207 471 8030. Follow UKV PLC on Twitter @ukvplc, or on Instagram @UKV_PLC.