Successful Businessman William Saito and His Insight on Addressing Cyber Attacks

Posted by Benjamin on July 19, 2018

It is in the authority site Forbes that readers can learn more about the insight, contributions and ideas of William Saito as writer to the same news portal. In one of his articles for Forbes, William Saito shared his analysis of the damages, impact and breakthroughs regarding cyber attacks and their solutions.


In the article, he shared that as many more companies are trying to expand their reach across continents, the more vulnerable they are to cyber attacks. Saito shared that for such challenges, there’s now an increased need and demand to focus on how to mitigate the damages of such threats. There’s now a need for companies to prepare themselves for security vulnerabilities. There’s now an added vigilance required for such companies to always prioritize cybersecurity in their operations.


He also added that one of the many preventive measures that a company can use to lower the damage of cyber attacks is to install automatic prevention systems in various stages across the company’s database. These systems will notify the I.T. or the people in charge of such unusual activity, and thereby the issues can be addressed immediately, lowering their damage. Saito also highlighted that any company should also have an Executive Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) that would oversee the entire strategies of addressing the vulnerabilities. The CISO would also be in charge in risk-management and direct reporting to the board regarding cybersecurity.

About William Saito


William Saito is known in the industry as the Japanese-American businessman and former strategic advisor and political analyst for Japan. He’s also known to be a cybersecurity expert that had started his own software firm in college directly out of his dorm room. His company I/O Software had been instrumental in developing the software industry in Japan. A highlight of the business venture of William Saito would also be the fact that at the age of 34, he already sold his I/O Software to Microsoft. He’s also recognized as the Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year last 1998.


Saito is also known for being excellent in his engineering and software programming skills despite limited expertise in the English language. He’s also the author of the book, An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of An Incurable Entrepreneur. It is in the book that he shared some of his success stories, challenges, breakthroughs and setbacks that have all shaped him to what he is now as a successful businessman.