New Highs for Lime Crime

Posted by Benjamin on August 1, 2018

Doe Deere is the original artist behind the bold and sparkly cosmetics known as Lime Crime. This vegan and cruelty free makeup brand was recently obtained by a private equity company that bears the name Tengram Capital Partners. The partners consist of the highly skilled operators and investors William Sweedler, Matthew Eby, and Richard Gersten.

Tengram Capital Partners has helped many up and coming businesses to rise in ranks in the competitive world of retail. When these investors saw the uniqueness in the products available through Lime Crime they had to jump on the opportunity to help it grow. While Lime Crime already has a list of over 4.4 million dedicated followers this acquisition could bring the company soaring much higher.

The naming of Stacy Panagakis as the new Chief Executive Officer was one of the first orders of business that took place after the sale. Panagakis has the proven expertise and knowledge to help Lime Crime grow and acquire even more of a customer base. Her years with a company that sells products under the Fresh label will only help take Lime Crime to the next level. She has also worked with other large cosmetic brands such as Clinique and Stila Cosmetics so she knows her way around a mascara brush.

Lime Crime and Deere herself have been through many hurdles since it began in 2008. Every baby company has problems but this internet first cosmetic brand has had to overcome more than its fair share. The controversy and growing pains have not stopped people around the globe from falling in love with the products. Deere has taken her unique personality and combined it with color to create some of the most desired cosmetics to this day. Since so much of her own personality is in the company Deere will not be leaving any time soon. She plans to step out of the working world of Lime Crime, but she will be found sitting in with the Board of Directors.