Entrepreneur Mike Baur Founds Innovative Company

Posted by Benjamin on March 27, 2018

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who is the co founder of a company called Swiss Startup Factory. The company was founded in 2014 and was formed with the objective to assist businesses in finding ways to maximize their success. Baur has been able to establish this company as one of the best consulting companies in Switzerland. As well as being an entrepreneur, Mike has also been actively involved in investing. He has invested in a number of startups over his career which has allowed him to establish a considerable portfolio. Before Mike Baur became an entrepreneur and investor, he spent many years in the banking industry. With his experience, Mike has proven to be among the most successful business professionals in Switzerland.

When Mike began his career, he worked in banking where he would frequently assist start up entrepreneurs. When he was working in the banking industry, Mike met with many individuals who were looking to start up a new company. Many of them needed capital in order to start their companies as well as make them grow. With his assistance, Baur would get businesses the capital they need in order to reach their goals. Along with providing capital in the form of loans, Mike would also provide financial advice and guidance to businesses so that they will be in position to get profitable and minimize their financial risk when starting up.

After spending over two decades in the banking industry for over twenty years, Mike would move on to pursue a career in investing. Baur spent ten years investing in a number of new companies that were starting up. Investing in startup companies enabled Mike to accumulate first hand experience with these types of companies as well as earning a considerable amount of money. Investing in startup businesses allowed Mike to establish a considerable income as well as make high profits. His experience with startup investing would propel him to starting up his own company.

Baur so founded Swisss Startup Factory which would specialize in providing coaching and mentorship to startup companies. The company has a very innovative business model where entrepreneurs can pitch their idea to Mike and his company. Upon approval, Mike would then provide them with advice and assistance on a number of issues that entrepreneurs face such as financing, marketing products and providing better service. Within a few years, Mike has been able to build Swiss Startup Factory into a prominent company. Swiss Startup Factory is yet another successful endeavor for Mike during his business career.