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Tammy Mazzocco Gives a Lift to Ohio Real Estate

Posted by Benjamin on March 27, 2017 with No Comments

Tammy Mazzocco is a very successful residential real estate broker in Central Ohio. She covers the four counties of Franklin, Delaware, Licking, and Fairfield. She works very hard at her career and has reaped the appropriate rewards for that effort.

Tammy started out in real estate as the secretary for a nine-man commercial real estate company. She learned a lot about success in real estate from that experience. Her next job was as the manager of a condominium project where she worked for seven years. Her boss encouraged her to get her real estate license in 1995 so she could be of some help with some of his real estate transactions.

Tammy worked several more jobs where she had a supportive role, and in 1999 she decided to quit looking in from the outside and to get into the inside of real estate sales. She joined her friend and mentor, Judy Gang and her team in Pickerington, Ohio and she has had no regrets at all.

Tammy feels she has been given a great opportunity and she intends to take advantage of it to the hilt. She is a hard worker and puts in long days, but it is because she is passionate about her abilities and the opportunity to help people find their dream house.

Tammy starts her day early with some stretching exercises and meditation; then it’s off to the office where she goes over emails and paperwork. Then it’s on to the phones to follow up on leads and to set appointments to show Homes.

People on Facebook ask her what motivates her drive and she tells them that activity is what drive sales. No activity, no sales. She likes to set goals and then break it down on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis into small specific steps. It is a lot easier to solve goals when you can tackle them in smaller bites.

Tammy is adamant about treating people the same way that she would want to be treated. If a prospective client is having issues in any area, she figures that she ought to be focusing on the clients’ problems instead of her own. When people are convinced that you care then good things begin to happen.

Tammy also strives not to take herself too seriously and to forget about failing. She says that failure is impossible if you are keeping busy and showing people homes.

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