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How End Citizens United Was Established

Posted by Benjamin on August 13, 2018 with No Comments

End Citizens United is an institution that has changed the American political system in the best way possible. The institution has become very popular in the nation, and it has registered the progress everyone has been dreaming about. The institution was founded because of the tough decision the Supreme Court made in the year 2010. The court made the ruling between a case that was presented between the federal election commission and the prestigious Citizen United. The results of the court case are still being felt in the country, several years after everyone has settled and gone back to their normal lives. There are people and activities that have never been the same again after the ruling. There are individuals and organizations who have opposed the move from the court, and they have to do everything in their power to make sure that it is overruled. There have been many debates about this concern, especially among the people who have been affected by the ruling. Find out more about End Citizens United at Ballotpedia

There are so many similar cases in the history of America. Most of these cases have been ruled for decades, and they have left their impact on the history of the country. No matter what the End Citizens United have done, these cases have remained to be a thorn in the flesh. The 2010 supreme case is so similar to these historical cases. There are many individuals who have been fortunate to get to powerful political parties because of the wealth they have under their belt. These individuals have been using money from black sources to remain in power and encourage more corruption in the society.

End Citizens United has been trying its best to deal with the black funds in the political system. The institution has been getting huge funds from its followers who come from many parts of the world. These individuals have made so much change, and they have assisted many honest politicians to hold their positions in the country. End Citizens United is known for endorsing candidates who have shown that they can protect their country from the black money and any corruption scandals from taking place. Read more: 


End Citizens United Hovers Around Four California Republicans

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End Citizens United has opened a new battlefield ahead of the 2018 Congress elections by announcing the 20 representatives it will target and aggressively campaign against them. The political action committee which is fighting against big money in campaigns confirmed that the representatives, who are mainly from the Republican Party, are found to be the worst of worst by distorting the electorate and helping their big money donors. Interestingly, the group of candidates also include four from the states of California. The PAC has confirmed that it wants to elect maximum pro-reform candidates on campaign finance in the elections.


The Californian representatives are Darrell Issa from Vista, Duncan Hunter from Alpine, Dana Rohrabacher from Costa Mesa, and Mimi Walters from Irvine. ECU has already analyzed that these four representatives are facing tough competition this time, and the active campaigning of the PAC can submerge the possibilities of the representatives. Tiffany Muller, a prominent political activist and the President of the PAC, said that the state is seeing some of the best opportunities, but at the same time, it saw some of the worst examples as well. While explaining her thoughts to the reporters, Muller said that Hunter is already going through an investigation pertaining to the misuse of campaign funds, and End Citizens United’s lacrosse camp.


Similarly, Issa is has accepted donations from some suspicious telecom companies. ECU was established by a set of liberal thought leaders and independent political activists in the year 2015 after they were upset with the big money influence in the politics. It collected and spent over $25 million in the Presidential election 2016. Muller confirmed that the PAC would follow up with the independent voters and request them to prioritize big money in politics and elections as a serious issue. While coming to the 2018 elections, the PAC has set its intentions of spending $35 million to elect maximum representatives who are favorable to campaign finance reform, and learn more about End Citizens United.


Per the data made available from Federal Election Commission, the group could gather $11.5 million by the end of October 2017. However, its leaders are tight-lipped on the extent of money it wanted to spend on those four respective Californian districts. The verdict of Supreme Court dated in 2010 named Citizens United gave the access for big money into the politics. It expanded the meaning of citizens to include even corporates, and that gave them license to spend unlimited and uncontrolled in elections, and


The changed environment created a nexus between politicians and corporates by overriding the electorate. There Facebook, and It means that corporates sponsor politicians to win the elections with the unlimited flow of money, and the politicians make legislation for the corporates as gratitude for the help. This pathetic political condition created the rebellion called End Citizens United.