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Charlamagne Tha God Likes That Carter V, But He Doesn’t Love It

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Charlamagne Tha God is known to be very opinionated. Charlamagne Tha God whose real name is Lenard Larry Mc Kelvey is an American actor, radio presenter, social media influence, television personality, and producer. In radio, he is a cohost of the iHeartRadio program, which features hip-hop music and the breakfast club while in television he is featured in Viacom.


When the new Lil Wayne album drop everyone knew that Charlemagne would be one of those people that had something to say. Since he had already spoken about the Eminem album earlier fans of Lil Wayne were sure that Charlemagne would also voice his opinions on this long-awaited Carter V album.


As expected, Charlemagne was not totally thrilled with the album even though he did say that it was good. In the course of a weekend Charlemagne mentioned that he had actually listened to the album several times. He thought that the content was good, but he stated that there was no way that this would be an album of the year.


It is very possible that he may have felt this way because Lil Wayne had already been proclaimed to be something of the greatest of all time a decade ago by Charlamagne Tha God. When he had received these types of accolades at that point in his career it only made sense for anything else that he was doing after that too be somewhat less than his best.


It is no secret that Charlamagne has felt that Lil Wayne has been failing to live up to his best even before this new album dropped. What Lil Wayne has been known for primarily within the last several years is guest appearances. He has found them self on singles for a number of different people like Drake, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and Chris Brown. See This Page for more information.


With all of this type of exposure it was obvious that Lil Wayne didn’t really need a new album to add to a career that was already rather lengthy enough. This is what Charlamagne has continued to state. He believed that there was really no need to put any type of pressure on a new album, but Lil Wayne clearly saw this as a matter of principle. The Carter V album has been in limbo for years. The release was something of a myth in the hip hop community. Most people just assumed that they would never hear it.




Charlamagne Tha God Likes The Way Eminem Took His Political Shots In Kamikaze

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Eminem did not shy away from lobbing shots at President Donald Trump in “Kamikaze,” and media personality Charlamagne Tha God approves of the way the Michigan native went about doing so.



Eminem called out President Trump in his track “The Ringer.” The rapper describes the president as “nervous” in his verses and he alleges that Trump is scared to respond because he knows that he will be in for a verbal beatdown.



This is not the first time that Eminem has gone after the current president, but for Charlamagne, this latest attack from the rapper is better than his previous ones.



During a recent interview with, Charlamagne Tha God said that he liked the way Eminem called out the president in “The Ringer” because it seemed “way more organic.” The 40-year-old author and social media influencer added that he feels like Eminem’s attacks on the president were more forced in the “Revival” album and in the BET cypher.



Charlamagne also thinks Eminem is talking more about Trump due in part to his artistic tendencies. Because Eminem is an artist, it is natural for him to talk about current happenings and issues which involve the president and his policies.



The Breakfast Club” host also sees no issue with Eminem attacking Trump, saying “I love when white people use their privilege to combat prejudice.” Still, Charlamagne made it clear that he will not refrain from criticizing lyrics he deems as “just OK or borderline wack” even if he does agree with the message they are conveying.



Charlamagne himself has talked about Trump before. During an interview earlier this year with Stephen Colbert, Charlamagne likened the Trump administration to a reality show. Charlamagne Tha God does see some positives as well from the recent happenings, such as people realizing that they need to stick together and others showing their true selves.



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