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Whitney Wolfe Makes Social App Safety a Priority

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In the dating app world there are a number of changes. There are few females, however, and this is what has changed the entire dating app game for Whitney Wolfe. She has a presence in the industry that cannot be denied because she is the only female that is leading a dating app environment. In fact, Whitney will plans to turn her app into more than just a dating app. She wants to be a full-blown social media environment entreprenuer. This means a lot for women that have not had a voice when it comes to social media. She knows that there is a great amount of power in having your own voice, and that is the reason why she decided to hold onto Bumble. There have been offers to buy this company, but Whitney Wolfe knew that she could make her own decisions and do as she pleased.

Whitney Wolfe has shown that she is a power player when it comes to the app industry. She has positioned herself in a place where she is able to gain the interest of new users because she markets this app relentlessly. She has already shown that she has what it takes to create a successful dating app. She did this before with Tinder, and now she has her sights on building an even greater app with bumble. Find out more on her articles at Forbes

When people look at what Whitney Wolfe has accomplished in such a short amount of time they cannot help but to be impressed with her level of commitment. She is partnering with the LA Clippers when it comes to equality for all people. Wolfe is also giving money to businesses that she wants to invest in. With Bumble she has even created a no guns policy on her Bumble dating app. All of this shows signs that she is an activist as well as business leader.

The world of social media apps has become much more involved. She has managed to do a lot about sexual harassment that happens on dating apps. She has managed to create a safer environment for people that are interested in building a relationship online. This is true for networking, friendship and dating.



Vinod Gupta Success Stems From Dreaming Big, Working Hard, And Paying It Forward

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Humble beginnings

Vinod Gupta was born on the fourth of July in a small village located in India. Modern conveniences such as cars, running water, and electricity were not available to the villagers. Kids played in the streets and his parents both worked hard to provide for the family. Though he may not have had much, but Vinod Gupta did have big dreams, and soon these dreams started to come true.




Gupta was very smart. He first attended school in his village. After graduation, he furthered his education and received a degree in agricultural engineering. However, this was not enough. Gupta wanted more education. In 1971, he packed up what few possessions he had and headed to America with only 60 dollars. He was accepted to the University of Nebraska. Even with the odds stacked against him, he graduated with a business administration degree.



Finding his niche

It did not take long for Gupta to find his niche. When working for Commodore Corp, his task was to create a list of all model home dealers in the United States. After some hard work, he did compile a complete list. Commodore allowed for Gupta to sell the list to other groups. He borrowed 100 dollars from the bank to send mailers to other companies, and that borrowed money was turned into 25,000 dollars. Within a year, Gupta started his own business creating a business database. Visit This Page for related information.

He also likes to share his best practices in business. He’s even written an article that will give Insights To Aspiring Entrepreneurs to be successful like himself.



Paying it Forward

Throughout his journey, Gupta never forgot where he came from. He made a million-dollar donation to his village and has given money to his alma mater. He has also donated to the University of Nebraska. He is on the boards of many civic organizations.

He established the Ben Gupta Endowed Fund for International Legal Education. This was named after his son. This scholarship helps students in developing countries to get degrees in JD or LLM as well as those that want to go to law school.



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