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Robert Ivy Extolls The Virtues Of Becoming A Professional Trade Association

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The American Institute of Architects Executive Vice-President and CEO, Robert Ivy has recently been explaining the benefits of joining a professional trade association. Ivy has been a leading member of the American Institute of Architects for a number of years and recently explained his own professional association is small in number but has a powerful voice in the political sphere. There are many benefits for professional workers including the many educational opportunities, chances to network, and the chance to source new employment opportunities. Connect with Robert Ivy by visiting his linkedin account.

Among the many benefits to be had from joining a professional association is the ability to take advantage of the many training opportunities on offer to members of these associations. Robert Ivy is a fine example of the opportunities available to conduct research and train to improve their opportunities for the future. Ivy himself was once the principal architect with his own architectural practice and edited the leading journal, “Architectural Record.” The ability to work with a professional trade association is one each professional individual can take, with research opportunities available to the majority of workers within an industrial sector.

Robert Ivy is an architectural expert who has spent the last few years exploring the opportunities offered by his role with the American Institute of Architects. As proven by the professional who holds a Master’s of Architecture from Tulane University, networking is one of the major reasons for the growing number of people who are taking the plunge to develop their membership of professional trade groups throughout the U.S.

In 2010, there were around 92,000 professional trade associations in the U.S. with networking one of the major reasons why professionals including Robert Ivy believe the development of these associations is of great importance. Not only does the America Institute of Architects and other trade associations work to bring architects of all levels and experience together through regular events and conferences, but these groups also aid in the development of employment opportunities for all professionals. Many associations have been known to create career centers and employment fairs for professionals on a regular basis throughout each year.

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Stream Energy: A Company on the Rise

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While some companies are only interested in how much money they can make, Stream Energy is interested in their impact on society. This is further detailed by a recent article published on entitled “Dallas-Based Stream Energy Creates Stream Cares for Philanthropy”. This article is an essential part of the Stream brand because it introduces their new branch Stream Cares. Stream Cares will allow the higher-ups at Stream Energy the opportunity to better assess projects as they come along. Stream Energy is looking for a way to give back to the community on a much larger scale and this division of their company will make that possible.


Unfortunately, Texas has gone through a Marriott of devastating situations. In addition to common natural disasters and annoyances, Texas suffered a very devastating hurricane when hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf coasts. People were displaced from their homes and lost everything. The problem is that all over Texas, there are people who have lost everything. In Dallas, where Stream Energy is located, there has been an increase in the homeless population. The number of individuals who classify as homeless has increased by over 20% in recent years. This makes it a high priority for people at Stream Cares. They have always cultivated an energy of caring and giving at Stream Energy. The growth of this population only means that the administrators of this company need to work harder to partner with local charities and give back to the community.


This addition to the brand of Stream is something that has been a long time coming. From the very first customer in 2005, Stream has been in the giving spirit. In fact, they have been well-known for their philanthropy for many years. The work that they do has often been centered around the Texas community but as they expand their services all over the nation the philanthropy goes with it. The company is now available in seven states. The service area includes New York City and Washington DC to name a few. It is a company that is truly on the rise with a bright future.

Whitney Wolfe Inspires At Vanity Fair Founders Day

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You know that you are doing something right when you get invited to be a part of the annual Vanity Fair Founders Day. With powerful speakers like Gayle King and Sara Blakely it is obvious that there are some strong women that are in charge in this arena. Among these women there would also be […]

Whitney Wolfe Makes Social App Safety a Priority

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In the dating app world there are a number of changes. There are few females, however, and this is what has changed the entire dating app game for Whitney Wolfe. She has a presence in the industry that cannot be denied because she is the only female that is leading a dating app environment. In […]

Wes Edens Efforts To Make Milwaukee Bucks A Better Club

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1961 was the year in which Wes Edens took his first breath in this world although currently, he resides in New York City. To pursue his passion for investment, he enrolled at Oregon University where he never left empty-handed but with a Bachelor Degree in both Finance and Business Administration. Wes is among the brilliant […]

Success in Tourism with Guilherme Paulus

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There are many ways of making money. It is all about passion and seeing the opportunities that are presented to you. Guilherme Paulus is an example of an individual who explored his love for traveling to start a business. He is the Chairman and Founder of CVC. The success of the firm has led him […]

The Potential of Freedom Checks to be a Source of Income

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Matt Badiali is a writer and a contributor for the Banyan Hill Publishing Company. He was a former geologist focusing in the oil and petroleum industry, but later on, decided to leave his job to become a writer instead. Today, he is using his skills in writing to inform the public about specific investment opportunities […]

Inspiring Todd Lubar Puts Clients and Community First

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Todd Lubar is a well known educated businessman that uses his strengths to help his clients make the best choices possible. Lubar isn’t your typical entrepreneur. Lubar is someone who puts his clients first and wants them to live in their dream home. Lubar will stop at nothing to assist his clients in their goals. […]

The Overview of Jeunesse

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Jeunesse has a lot to offer when it comes to anti-aging products. The products they sell are made with vitamins, minerals and other naturally occurring nutrients. This makes these items more effective than the other anti-aging products. They have a lot of skincare items that are great for smoothing out the skin and rejuvenating it. […]

Freedom Checks With Business Expert Matt Baidali

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AS a business professional, there is no doubt that there needs to be an established reputation if there are any plans for selling a product, source, or any other similar item. In fact, this is mostly common sense overall. For example, a client is most likely to buy an item from a reputable and established […]