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Karl Heideck Is Going After One Of The Biggest Banks In The World

Posted by Benjamin on November 2, 2017 with No Comments

Karl Heideck recently announced that he will be going against one of the biggest banks in the world, which is Wells Fargo. Through casual conversation, Karl Heideck was made aware that Wells Fargo was abusing Hispanics, particularly in Philadelphia. The bank was doing this by providing mortgage loan borrowers with unfair and illegal interest rates. Wells Fargo got away with this due to them giving mortgage loans to unqualified individuals. These people had horrible credit, and some did not even have a job. They were so happy to get a loan, that they did not care for the interest rate.

Karl Heideck also discovered that Wells Fargo was giving personal loans to people with poor credit. These people could not afford to make the minimum monthly payments, so they ended up with a bill almost five times the amount of the principal loan balance. Karl Heideck is filing all the paperwork he can to have the government investigate this situation, and he has promised to help every victim cancel the debt they have with Wells Fargo. Karl Heideck believes in fighting for the rights of all people, especially Hispanics.

Anyone who was a victim of Wells Fargo, in Philadelphia or not, should contact Karl Heideck. He is treating these cases as charity cases, so the plaintiff’s in this specific matter will not have to pay a dime to Attorney Karl Heideck.

Since grammar school, Attorney Karl Heideck has always been intrigued with financial management. He always wondered how financial institutions developed their system for interest rates, credit evaluations, and more. Karl Heideck took this interest with him to high school and beyond. Taking mostly financial and business classes in college, Karl Heideck was able to get into one of the best law schools in Philadelphia.

Since graduating from law school, Attorney Karl Heideck has worked for several different law firms in Philidelphia, and he has done work throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Some of the most well-known lawyers in Philadelphia have praised Karl publicly as well as in small circles. This was mainly due to the determination Karl Heideck has shown since he stepped foot in Philadelphia. Karl goes after every management case with everything he has in him, and his motto has always been to treat every case as if it is his last. Karl plans to open his own firm in the near future, and his goal is to take on as many charity cases as possible. Visit:


Karl Heideck’s Thoughts on Philadelphia’s Salary History Law

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Karl Heideck, an attorney at Law offered valuable insight on a number of challenges that have been experienced in coming up with legislation that prohibits potential employers from enquiring about the past salaries of prospective employees. This legislation was launched in January, putting Philadelphia on the books of history for being the first ever municipality to prescribe such a ban. The law got a lot of attention as some people viewed it as a restriction on the amount of information employers got from prospective employees. Most advocates supporting workers’ rights supported the law as they believed it brought about more transparency in the hiring process especially for the marginalized groups.

Karl Heideck’s Thoughts on the Law

Attorney Karl Heideck explained that this new legislation was meant to close the existing gender pay gap. Men have traditionally taken home higher salaries than women in similar positions and the latter suffer when employers ask for their previous salaries as they pay them a certain percent over their last salary. Legislators in Philadelphia felt this was the right path to take. In the past it was fatal for employees who opted not to divulge this information as it dented their chances of getting hired for jobs.

Although the law seems to only apply in Philadelphia, it may have some effects as it may apply to companies that operating there but their headquarters are elesewhere. Parties opposed to the laws argue that it will add to the law requirements that businesses will be required to adhere to. Karl Heideck stated that even if the Chamber of Commerce were to present an amended complaint specifying the business interests that would be harmed by the new law, it would not be sufficient for the court to overturn the new legislation. He opined that businesses ought to seek a legal opinion on their line of questioning to avoid lawsuits for asking illegal questions.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is an attorney practicing in Pennsylvania and has been at the fore front in most legal developments in business law. Karl Heideck authors scholarly articles and blog posts meant to educate employers and the public about the various developments and changes in the law and ways of complying with them. He now serves the fine businesses and individuals in Pennsylvania.

Karl Heideck attended Swarthmore College and earned his B.A. degree in 2003. He earned his Juris Doctor from the James E. Beasley School of Law, Temple University in 2009. Karl Heideck then ventured into professional practice and worked in two prominent law firms before he started his own firm.