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Securus Technologies prevents crime through innovation

Posted by Benjamin on February 16, 2018 with No Comments

For most of the history of the United States prison system, one of the most dangerous aspects of being a prison guard was dealing with the visitation process. Not only did the visitation process present an immediate physical danger to those guards charged with overseeing it, but it also presented a systemic risk to the institution itself.


In-person visitations have long been a weak point in the security protocols of the nation’s penal institutions. Whenever prisoners come in contact with the general public, the risk of having contraband passed from one to the other increases dramatically. In addition, in-person visitation has often provided prisoners with opportunities to attack other prisoners, visitors and staff. In many cases, the guards have no choice but to uncuff prisoners and allow them to freely roam about the visitation area. This creates obvious perils for the visitors, prisoners and guards.


But the old means of facilitating in-person visitations are quickly disappearing. This is largely a product of the new video visitation technology created by Securus Technologies. With its virtual visitation technology, Securus Technologies has not only sharply reduced the number of in-person visitation throughout the nation’s prisons, it is also enable prisoners to stay in nearly constant touch with their family members and friends on the outside.


The new video visitation technology has actually proved to be far more popular than the older in-person visitations were. In addition to making prison safer, they also save families of the incarcerated thousands of dollars in lost work hours and travel costs. These are costs that, once upon a time, fell on the families who could least afford it. Now, it’s possible for a family to stay in touch with their loved ones on a daily basis for a cost as low as just $0.15 per minute.


Overall, the video visitation system has been a wild success.


How Does Samuel Strauch Advise His Real Estate Clients In South Florida?

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Samuel Strauch is an expert on real estate who grew up in South Florida, went to Hofstra University, and came back to work for his family company. He then went on to start Metrik Real Estate, and he is one of the best people to work with in the area.

Samuel Strauch has spent 15 years investing in the real estate of the area, and he knows how to make all these spaces much more profitable for everyone. Because of this, he can take anyone’s investment plan and turn it into something great.

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Samuel Strauch is well respected across South Florida for how he can help people with the things that matter most to them. It is very easy for him to help someone find their dream home or just buy a commercial property that will pay them some income. It all depends on what they want to do, and they can talk to the people at Metrik Real Estate or Samuel Strauch at any time.

Samuel is an expert in the real estate game in Florida, and he has a lifetime of experience to back him up. There is no one who has done as much as he has working with his family and now working with his own clients. He knows how to help people who need to get some direction on their investments, and he wants to make it so that people will be more invested in the right things in the new year as they spend in Florida.

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Doe Deere – article recap

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Doe Deere grew up in Russia and began her first business at the age of 13. She would sell temporary tattoos to the kids in her class. Even though temporary tattoos, at that time, were a new trend, Deere convinced her classmates that they were a new fashion statement and fun for everyone to wear.


At the age of 17, she relocated to New York City. She was a New Yorker for some time. While living in New York, she attended FIT and majored in fashion. She also pursued her passion for music. She and her now husband and business partner performed in the same band. While living her dream to be a musician, she learned what it was like to have a career. She learned about marketing and how to appreciate people. After about 14 years in New York, she moved to LA.


When asked what advice she has to offer other young women looking to find their niche, she advises them that they need to be true to themselves and follow their heart. Deere believes that deep inside every person is that special something that only they possess. It is that special something that needs to be tapped into and utilized in order to be successful.


Like everyone else growing up, Deere believed she was different from everyone else. She believed that no one had the same passions as what she had. However, she quickly discovered that she was wrong. She found out that many people were passionate about the makeup that they wore. This passion turned into her company Lime Crime. Learn more:


Lime Crime was started in 2008 when the natural look surged in popularity. Deere, herself, has always loved color. So, when she could not find the colors she wanted for her makeup, she started to create them herself. She quickly found out that other women were interested in purchasing her colors, which in turn made Lime Crime a profitable business. However, she took her passion a step further, and her products are certified vegan and cruelty-free. Expressing ourselves by our hair, makeup, and wardrobe is how we are true to ourselves, and a little sparkle never hurt.