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The Pioneering Work of Dr. Avi Weisfogel in Finding Effective Treatment of Sleep Apnea

Posted by Benjamin on June 23, 2017 with 1 Comment

Many people are victims of several disorders which include sleep apnea due to the hectic nature of today’s lifestyles and as a result of old age. The factors that contribute to the disorder of sleep are many and varied, and the effects of such interruptions have grave consequences on the daily or normal functioning of a person. They interfere with everyday activities, and they can also have serious health consequences. A doctor known as Avi Weisfogel who has a distinguished career in the medical profession has come up with ways of treating and preventing the condition. He can treat many disorders related to sleep deprivation. In his researches and studied, he has discovered several causes of lack of sleep and apnea, and at the same time he has come up with therapies and efficient programs that can assist the patient to fight the infection. While conducting investigations into diabetes and other infections, the doctor he found that there was a connection between sleep apnea and other diseases of the vascular and diabetes. He has taken the initiative to prevent the occurrence of the condition and more information click here.


Dr. Weisfogel is among the specialists who invented Dental Sleep Masters which is a unique program designed to help dentists prescribe efficient solutions to their patients. Sometimes dentist can give good advice on how sleep disorders can be tackled, however not so many people know that fact. To make dentists get cutting-edge technologies through which they can treat their patients, the program is now widely marketed to them. All the professionals involved in Dental Sleep Masters together with Dr. Avi have since the inception of the program assisted several patients who earlier did not know what was causing their sleep disorders. With the sole objective of improving the working of dentists, the doctor has conducted several lectures on the subject. He has also enabled them to have the means of accurately diagnosing sleep apnea in their patients. The level of expertise and experience he has in the field is undisputed. Dr. Avis Weisfogel has a degree in Psychology from Rutgers University, and he is also a graduate of the New York University College of Dentistry and Avi’s lacrosse camp.


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Organic Lip Balms From EOS

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Boring lip balm products are now a thing of the past thanks to the Evolution Of Smooth. These sphere shaped containers are now popping up all over the place and even in the hands of celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Check this site for more info,


The regular organic EOS products come in many flavors such as Passion Fruit, Summer Fruit, and Sweet Mint to just name a few. Each flavor has a different colored container but contain the same great ingredients and benefits.


You may also find the EOS Shimmer Smooth Spheres, Active Protection Smooth Spheres, and the Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres. The shimmer spheres contain a touch of gloss to make your lips stand out. The active protection spheres contain an SPF to keep your lips protected while you are out enjoying the sun. The visibly soft spheres keep your lips extra nourished. All of these additional EOS products contain the organic ingredients that the regular EOS products have and still leave out the stuff you don’t want to put on your lips.


EOS became popular due to the lack of change in the lip balm section of the beauty aisles. The soft, curved spheres make it enjoyable to handle and use. The sphere shape is different from the basic tube but still hygienic since you don’t have to use your finger to apply it. The colors and flavors add variety to the different lip balms you can apply. Many people also like that the ingredients list is small, organic, and hypoallergenic. Want to learn more, hit on


EOS also has lotions and shave creams that are put up to the standard of the lip balms. These can also be found in beauty sections of stores and don’t contain unnecessary ingredients. Once you try the lip balm, you will be tempted to go get the other products to try as well.


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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Could Give Amazon a Real Scare This Year

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There are not too many companies that threaten to take over the dominance Amazon has enjoyed for many years, but things may be changing this year. Amazon has lead the way in apparel e-commerce space, raking in 20 percent of sales in this industry and widening the gap to the closest competitor. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been gaining ground steadily on the retail giant, and in the last three years has sold over $250 million in sales of high-quality women’s workout apparel and active-wear.


Hudson is not afraid to discuss the secret to her success, it all comes down to reverse showrooming and a unique membership to her company. These are not new techniques in this space, but Hudson has discovered just the right balance that has exploded her bottom line in record time. Looking at the process from the outside, we see women heading to the retail Fabletics store at the mall, where they window-shop, get their free membership, and try on all the apparel they want. Completing the Lifestyle Quiz on helps to enhance the membership by unlocking some really impressive benefits.


When Hudson was asked how her athleisure brand is faring with buyers, you only need look at the next part of the process to get a real understanding of what is happening. These consumers leave the store and will head to the Fabletics website at their convenience. Now that they have a membership to the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics site, they see all those items in their profile that they wore in the stores at the mall. This means they know exactly what fits, and are free to shop for more styles and colors they know already will fit them perfectly. Many women order far more than they were even considering getting at the mall because of the quality, pricing, and the convenience.


As a member of the Hudson’s Fabletics website, you get discounted pricing, free shipping, and even your own shopping assistant.This shopping assistant looks over your personal buying habits and quiz answers, then selects something they thing the customer will love. No pressure at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, you either love the item and buy it or reject it, never does anything ship without your permission. The company is making sales that Amazon should be concerned about, and as more women are discovering Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, this may be the place to shop for high-quality women’s active-wear for years to come.

George Soros Fights Back Against Rumors

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Old Canards New Target The attacks against George Soros aren’t anything new, but they are certainly changing people who aren’t familiar with them into bigots. The Right has long held that Soros is some sort of Machiavellian genius using his abilities to manipulate nations and control the world. Obviously, it is clear how they are […]

EOS Lip Balm’s Takeover Of The Facial Product Market

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EOS lip balm is a newer form of lip beauty products that took off after various customers and celebrities became enamored with its effects. It uses a special formula to give lips a more smoother feeling with ingredients such as soothing butter, and jojoba oil in both its stick packs and sphere containers. EOS is […]

Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Promotes Marketing through Brand Advertising

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Branding is mostly discussed in esoteric situations that contribute to the obscurity of its primary significance. To simply state the importance of branding, a company’s brand is its money machine. A brand authorizes an individual to command premium charges for the product sold. This is because the particular brand is an added value that permits […]