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Have Your Wedding Photos Taken at the Grand Canyon or Yosemite

Posted by Benjamin on February 28, 2017 with 1 Comment

If you have been dreaming of getting away for a weekend, then think about combining it with getting your wedding photos taken at some of the most scenic spots in America. The combination provides great value for your money.

Grand Canyon

The majestic Grand Canyon provides a great backdrop for your wedding photos. Escape the crowds by having panoramic shots taken at Yavapai Point as the colors look fabulous there. The gorgeous canyon is particularly beautiful from Shoshone Point. Fun couple shots can be taken at Desert View Watchtower.

Yosemite National Park

Many couples are amazed at the variety of pictures that can be taken at Yosemite National Park. Vernal Falls provides great waterfall shots. Have your photos taken near the edge of Emerald Pool. The giant boulders near Half Dome makes for fun couple shots.

Regardless of your dream getaway, get your wedding photos taken by George Street Photos and Video.


No Contaminated Water Reached Guests, Says Director

Posted by Benjamin on February 10, 2017 with 1 Comment
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Amid reports of water contamination with E. coli and coliform bacteria, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows’ Public Relations Director, Liesl Kinney, has issued a statement regarding the water quality and the impact on the resort.

No guests of the resort were at any time exposed to any hazard from the contaminated water, the Director says.

It appears that run off from a heavy storm affected the water quality in some of the wells. They were treated and closed off, and at no time did any contaminated water intrude into the resort’s water systems. The public was never in any danger.

The presence of E. coli and coliform bacteria was announced by the Placer County Department of Environmental Health, and immediate action was taken by the county to close the wells and treat the contaminated water. Extremely good reports have assured that the treatment is working fine, and there is no danger of any resident or guest being affected by the contaminated water.

Although several water systems were affected by the heavy runoff from the storms, no one was ever in any danger of the contaminated water, in that three of the four wells were shut down in plenty of time. The slopes are open for skiers and the resorts are welcoming guests.

The resorts on the higher slopes had offered their guests free bottled water during and immediately after the incident.

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