Mike Baur And The Generation Of New Business

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Technology is necessary for any business. Through it, we can accelerate the changes a community needs and evolve. It is very common that leading companies in industries fail to take advantage of the next wave of innovation in their respective industries if they do not embrace technology. This is one of the reasons why successful and legendary companies fail, by not innovating or using technology in their favor, have sunk in misery.


Until recently, startups looked with admiration to the big companies aspiring to be like them someday, but in a market so changing by innovation, the reality is that now it is the big companies want to learn from the startups. And this is evidenced more and more when large companies acquire new startups in their early stages because they have been able to decipher or quickly solve a problem through the development of a technological solution.


Starting Out And Staring Up


Mike Baur knows one of the most important elements of startup culture is the use of speed as a great competitive advantage over any other large company. They use it to adapt a new market strategy, to adapt to the new needs of customers. That is why he started investing in the startup culture, leaning away from his 20-year banking experience. When he started the Swiss Startup Factory, he got really invested in the whole system of the company building through the new dynamics and techniques. He believes one of the reasons why more startups come up now than 20 years ago is because most entrepreneurs are part of the Millennials generation, which has great flexibility to easily adapt to new technologies, new products, and market strategies.


Taking advantage of these ideas, the Swiss company provides coaching, mentoring and advisory to new companies. Many large companies stick to what has worked for them for years, ignoring changes in the market and the needs of consumers. Startups have the ability to identify changes in the market, adjusting to new situations and taking advantage of opportunities that used to belong to large companies. They even question the feasibility of their initial product and, if necessary, modify it to make it profitable and scalable.


Unlike large companies looking for multiple excuses to justify their mistakes instead of making decisions and executing, the startup culture promotes immediate decision making, and quick changes. Surely, here will be much more Mike Baur to see.



Pulling Off a Successful Event

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Anyone who has been part of the planning process for any event, they can tell you that stress is common. While being stressed does happen, there are tips and tricks that the pros follow to eliminate some of the stress that may come up. The two main ideas that always come up are to be organized and to preplan.


When the decision is made to have an event, start planning as early as possible. The recommended time to start planning is about a month out from the event. Begin by making lists. Make lists of everything you will need such as supplies, guests, and anything else you think will be important.


Invitations will be needed. These can be done electronically or through the mail. People still love to receive paper invitations so do not rule those out. An invitation sets the tone for the upcoming event and serves as a reminder as well.


When the day of the event arrives, give yourself plenty of time to get set up. Also, factor in some time to get yourself refreshed and ready for the event. For food and drinks, keep everything simple. Finger foods and self-serving stations allow everyone to help themselves and make less work for you.


One final piece of advice for a good event is to relax. If you are relaxed and having a good time, your guests will as well. The purpose of an event is to have fun, and all of your early preparations will help achieve that goal.


For those who do not want to be part of the planning process, there are professional companies out there. An excellent event planning company in NYC is Twenty Three Layers. This company is headed up by Jessica Boskoff. She has put together an elite team of event planners in NYC, and they are ready for any event.


Planning an event can be stressful, but there are ways to make the event a success. Following this advice will help to make your event a good time for all that are in attendance.

Have Your Wedding Photos Taken at the Grand Canyon or Yosemite

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If you have been dreaming of getting away for a weekend, then think about combining it with getting your wedding photos taken at some of the most scenic spots in America. The combination provides great value for your money.

Grand Canyon

The majestic Grand Canyon provides a great backdrop for your wedding photos. Escape the crowds by having panoramic shots taken at Yavapai Point as the colors look fabulous there. The gorgeous canyon is particularly beautiful from Shoshone Point. Fun couple shots can be taken at Desert View Watchtower.

Yosemite National Park

Many couples are amazed at the variety of pictures that can be taken at Yosemite National Park. Vernal Falls provides great waterfall shots. Have your photos taken near the edge of Emerald Pool. The giant boulders near Half Dome makes for fun couple shots.

Regardless of your dream getaway, get your wedding photos taken by George Street Photos and Video.

Source: https://www.weddingwire.com/reviews/george-street-photo-video/5c781569306e1f06.html

No Contaminated Water Reached Guests, Says Director

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Amid reports of water contamination with E. coli and coliform bacteria, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows’ Public Relations Director, Liesl Kinney, has issued a statement regarding the water quality and the impact on the resort.

No guests of the resort were at any time exposed to any hazard from the contaminated water, the Director says. The ski slopes are still open, and operations continue normally, he added.

It appears that run off from a heavy storm affected the water quality in some of the wells. They were treated and closed off, and at no time did any contaminated water intrude into the resort’s water systems. The public was never in any danger.

The presence of E. coli and coliform bacteria was announced by the Placer County Department of Environmental Health, and immediate action was taken by the county to close the wells and treat the contaminated water. Extremely good reports have assured that the treatment is working fine, and there is no danger of any resident or guest being affected by the contaminated water.

Although several water systems were affected by the heavy runoff from the storms, no one was ever in any danger of the contaminated water, in that three of the four wells were shut down in plenty of time. The treated water is of not threat to any human or wildlife, and the resort continues to operate in its normal capacity. The slopes are open for skiers and the resorts are welcoming guests.

The resorts on the higher slopes had offered their guests free bottled water during and immediately after the incident.

Learn more: http://mynews4.com/news/local/e-coli-found-in-squaw-valley-resort-water-health-officials